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Equine Facilitated Coaching

Nature provides unlimited examples of self-regulating, adaptive, resilient, interconnected and fully functioning systems. Equine Facilitated Coaching is a specialised field incorporating the principles of systems thinking and deep ecology, which can be applied in any setting e.g. your business, your restaurant, your shop, your office or home.  

In times of rapid change and uncertainty, leaders and managers of today need the competencies and abilities to create an organisational work environment that is continuously adapting to an ever-changing context. Our approach, rooted in Deep Ecology and the Systems view of life, approaches human-based systems, such as relationships at work in a similar light. In partnership with Earth Awareness Consulting, we offer the following services for teams or individuals: 

  • ‘Growing Leaders from Within’ 
  • Web of Life Leadership Development, a systems approach
  • Custom-made options

For a personalised offer suited to your organisational / individual needs, please contact Isabel on or