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Equine Facilitated Coaching


THE PROBLEM: A human value crisis rooted in patriarchalism, industrialism, capitalism, materialism, is leaving societies across the globe in search of meaning, connection, and belonging. 

Horses communicate non-verbally and respond to us, our thoughts, emotions, actions and intentions in a more subtle way. This continuous bio-feedback provides the perfect environment and context to reflect, learn and grow in the areas of our lives we wish to improve. In times of rapid change and uncertainty, we support and equip leaders, managers, groups and individuals with the competencies to adapt, to move with the change and as a result to strive at work and home. We work with a variety of frameworks, however, our approach is rooted in deep ecology, systems thinking and mindfulness. 

  • Virtues of Leadership (Power | Anxiety | Love)
  • Self & Social Awareness 
  • Me – We – Work – World (Systemic Thinking and Perspective)
  • Inner development and searching for purpose/belonging
  • Meaning-making and decision-making
  • Nature-based coaching in the equine & wilderness spaces
  • Transformative governance 
  • Circle of influence 

For a personalised offer suited to your organisational / individual needs, please contact Isabel on or